Hi my name is Jeni I am from the Philippines but Switzerland is home for me since 2014.

When I arrived in Switzerland I dedicated my time learning French. I found my progress very slow despite all the language courses, language exchange meetings and French exercises I religiously did at home. I then started to find something I could do that would give me immediate feeling of achievement and would connect me to other people. I started making decorations for our home, and handmade gifts for family and friends. Some of my friends started to take interest and asked me to create personalized gifts for them, mostly for children. In 2017, I decided to create C’est Jenial.

C’est Jenial is my word play for the French expression “c’est génial” to say that you find something beautiful or impressive. C’est Jenial is all about creative, playful interpretations of ordinary things like fruits, food, plants and animals. I use felt cloth in my creations, cut them from patterns I personally drew and sew them by hand. I also make felt letters for personalized gifts. The process of creating these adorable creations requires patience and time, but the results are always “génial.”

C’est Jenial also aims to bring creative minds and hands together. Since I started this journey, I have met a lot of other creatives and worked with some of them. Every co-working experience allowed me to gain more and more confidence not only in my creativity but as well as  my ability to speak French. I believe that when people are sharing and having fun, learning comes more naturally, and the lessons stay with us longer. And what could be better than sharing a space and creating something beautiful together, right?


A bit more about me…

In the Philippines I was a licensed and practicing Social Worker. After seven years of intensive practice in the areas of community development, crisis response and management and development of social service policies for different non-government organizations, I decided to pursue Masters in Family Life and Child Development. This was where my interest took another turn. I spent a semester working as a practicum teacher for toddlers in the Child Development Center of the University of the Philippines. We were required to develop educational materials and toys and create them with our own hands. This was when the “creative me” really got my attention. However, I still had to set it aside as I continued to practice Social Work.

Moving to Switzerland and feeling a bit lost in its mountains, four seasons and multi-languages provided me with the opportunity to reconnect and know better this creative part of me. It also connected me to people who are likewise creative and very entrepreneurial.



What about you, what are you creating? Or are you still thinking about trying your creative hands? Connect with me, let’s create together.

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